Datto SaaS Protection

Datto SaaS Protection can support the following M365 license types.

  • E1, E3, E5, Exchange only 1 and 2.

  • SharePoint only 1 and 2

  • Business Essentials

  • Business Premium

  • EDU

  • GOV

  • NPO

Custom Data Retention in Datto SaaS Protection

Custom Data Retention (CDR) allows Datto SaaS Protection administrators to select how long to retain user data. For further information see Datto SaaS Protection: Changing retention type and commitment length for client accounts

Selecting the user data retention period

From the Datto SaaS Protection dashboard, choose Settings from the top menu, then select Advanced settings from the drop-down menu.

Figure 1: The Datto SaaS Protection dashboard

In Advanced settings, select the retention period from the drop-down menu. You can select presets for one, two, or three years, or infinite retention.

Figure 2: Advanced settings

Setting a custom retention period

To customize the retention period, select Custom from the Retention period drop-down menu, then enter the number of days to retain the data.

Figure 3: Setting custom retention

Pruning schedule for new clients

clients onboarded as of April 25th, 2018 will have their data subject to the following pruning schedule:

  • All 3 daily user backups are retained & available for viewing for 30 days

  • After 30 days, 1 daily backup is saved per service

  • After 90 days, 1 weekly backup is saved per service

  • After 1 year, 1 monthly backup is saved per service

Adding a new Datto SaaS Protection client

This article explains how to set up a client's Datto SaaS Protection account in the Datto Partner Portal. This process applies to partners of all regions.

  • Datto SaaS Protection for Office 365

Datto Partner Portal

After completing the general steps of the initial setup below, continue to the service-specific steps for Office 365 or G Suite, depending on which service you are protecting.


  • If you have not yet opted into Datto SaaS Protection, follow the steps in How do I opt-in to Datto SaaS Protection through the Datto Store? before adding a new client.

  • You must have Global Admin or Super Admin account credentials to the customer's Office 365 or G Suite

  • To complete the setup and purchase, you must have Trusted Tech or Admin-level permissions in the Datto Partner Portal.

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