Invisible Help Desk

If you do not prefer outsiders to see who assist or do not want to show that remote support is used. We are just the place to contact. You can be the face and we will be your hand behind the scene. This will be very useful in server maintenance and program development.

Help Desk & Call Centre

We have the resource to provide a remote helpdesk or a call centre service.  This is useful for IT managers as well as IT service providers.  If the It team is overwhelmed with the current work load and require assistance we can assist with the fraction of the cost of employing additional staff. Assisting team can be branded under your company name.

Part Time Help Desk

Most of our clients use this for afterhours support. When local staff finish at 5.00 our helpdesks take over under you banner and continue support as if your company provides 24 hr support.  Out rates are very competitive.

Level 3 Technical support

It issues that you local resources cannot manage to resolve can be escalates to our team. We have a very experienced and a dedicated team who will be passionate in challenging situations.            

General Administrative Servicers

Same as IT, we strive to asset the businesses to fill in the gaps of administration duties.
If your current staff cannot manage the work load but not enough work to employee extra staff, we can take over the excess work load. If the tasks are repetitive and the doing such work is a waste of staff time we are more than happy to help at a cheaper rate.


List of products

  • Don’t miss a call - Personalised reception for calls

  • Payroll processing, invoicing

  • General documentation

  • Sales quotations

Data Entry Services

We provide direct paper to digital, and data extraction services

RemoteLink IT