Remote Support for your needs.

We provide virtual staff and virtual offices for your business needs at a fraction of the cost.

Unable to afford a full time staff?  Budget is not accommodating to recruit? Cannot compete with local market due to high overheads? You are at the right place.

We have a range of staff with various skills who can adapt to your requirements and standards.  Our staff are committed in providing the best service to your business. Our staff are available full time and part time to suit your needs.

Currently our  staff provide the following services.

       Information Technology
       General Administration

Information Technology Services
Our objective is to provide quick and reliable IT solutions while reducing the expenditure and fill the shortage of IT manpower. Most of the managers in the IT industry are faced with the difficulty of   maintaining a suitable work force to fulfil the demand. In most cases it is under resourced due to financial constraints or the difficulty to convince the management. We strive to bridging this gap and providing efficient IT services. In doing so local business profitability is increased and the cost of services they provide will be more affordable to the public. Please refer IT products for more information


General Administrative Servicers
We strive to assist the businesses to fill in the gaps of administration duties.
If your current staff cannot manage the work load, or your business cannot afford to employee additional staff, we can take over the excess work load. If the tasks are repetitive and the doing such work is not the best use of your human resources, we are more than happy to help at a cost-effective rate.


RemoteLink IT